The SoniAID programme was born from the experience personally lived by the President of Steadfast and acts with the aim of supporting hospitals with volunteers. Through the SoniAID programme, Steadfast offers an active collaboration service to the medical-scientific path planned by the medical management of the facility. Our volunteers, in order to fulfill this purpose, are trained by professionals in the medical, social and psychological sector and, subsequently, begin the collaboration with the various sites by periodically visiting the guests temporarily residing there. The spirit Steadfast operators operate, allows to develop a precise and personal action (tailor-made) towards the people hospitalised, also providing emotional and spiritual support, in order to facilitate the achievement of the results, decided and planned by the medical management of the facility. The guiding principle is based on the recognition of the profound dignity of the patient and of the families, relatives, friends who accompany him. Areas of intervention for this programme: Assistance, Training and Communication.

If you think you can help alleviate the suffering of those who are now in difficulty, do not hesitate, contact us!

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