In recent years, Europe has witnessed the spread of an ethical-legal principle that goes by the name of "best interest". Through the adoption of regulations at national level, for example in Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands, which implement this principle, it was therefore possible to take the lives of children and adults who had serious diseases but who could have been saved or at least had a life expectancy of a few more years. The further worrying fact is that the legal and administrative systems have proceeded in this sense against the opinion and will of the parents. Courts have declared children's lives "futile" and therefore to be suppressed.

Steadfast was called by those who were suffering this and by the many families living this tragedy, to help them in defending the rights of children and adults.

The LifeAID project was created to formalise and consolidate the national and international NETWORK of contacts created to protect the value of every human life, especially the most defenseless ones such as the sick, children and the poor, through these actions:

  • psychological, legal and spiritual support for individuals and their families;
  • lobbying towards institutions, governmental and non-governmental bodies;
  • partnerships with other prolife realities or organizations that pursue our same purpose;
  • cultural / scientific;
  • communication at different levels (newspapers, sites, social networks, etc.).

Doctors, jurists, communication experts, bioethicists, sociologists, economists, many online professionals, with a spirit of collaboration at the service of the supreme good of human life, especially in cases where it is endangered by legal, socio-political or scientific power. Areas of intervention for this programme: Right to Care, Euthanasia, Advocacy, Communication, Training.


Over the years Steadfast was involved in the following actions:

  • Year 2017: Charlie Gard case / Isaiah Haastrup case / Alfie Evans case
  • Year 2018: Isaiah Haastrup case / Alfie Evans case / 10 other cases relating to children and adults
  • Year 2019: 12 cases relating to children and adults / Maciej Nowicki case.

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