The TogoAid project aims to improve the social, economic and cultural development of Togo, proposing sustainability and humanitarian aid. The first requirement in some Togolese areas is the primary sustenance of water, food and care. Areas of intervention for this programme are: Sustainable Development and healthcare. Within this programme, the following projects are active:

  • "Acqua agli assetati" (Water for the thirsty)
  • "Centro San Michele" (San Michael's Centre)
  • "Acqua agli assetati" project: construction of a drinking water well, in the suburbs of Lomé, to meet the need of 14,000 people who currently do not have access to drinking water. Located at 70 km from the capital of Togo, Lomé, Batoumé, is a town located 19 km from the canton of Assahoun-Ando. It has a ​​150 km square area and the population is of about 4,000 inhabitants. This village is surrounded by eight villages of which the population, according to the 2010 census, is estimated at 14,000 inhabitants (Hododuikope, Havédji, Koklovikopé, Koudokopé, Tédjikopé, Atsakpoli, Akloukpui, Mangotideka). Since the ground is very dry, it was difficult to find an aquifer above 200m depth which could contain the right amount of water to feed a well for 14,000 people. To date, the well has already been dug and installed, but it will need futher interventions to make it more efficient, especially in the health field. In fact, the intent is not only to purify and sanitise the water in the territories of Batoumé, but with the aid of special means for the purification and ozonation of the water, to bring health and prevention, too.
  • “Centro San Michael” project: building a multifunctional centre in Batoumé. The facility will be available to the entire population and will serve as a reception centre for priests in old age and a spiritual and educational centre for the many lay Christians in the area. For Steadfast, offering help to the local community in carrying out this work is very important to spread culture, operate in interreligious dialogue and offer hospitality and assistance to the indigenous population.

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