Steadfast, through the NigeriAID programme, operates in the Nigerian territory with the aim of safeguarding human rights and promoting international cooperation actions to favour initiatives that encourage the socio-economic and cultural development of the country. Actions ranges for humanitarian to educational and health fields. Areas of intervention for this programme are: Human Rights, Health, Education, Start Up and Advocacy. To date, 10 works have been completed that reach more than six hundred thousand beneficiaries:

  • 1 University Polytechnic.
  • 1 Hospital.
  • 2 A first and second grade schools.
  • 3 Mechanical Workshops.
  • 3 Orphanages.
  • Schools: in the state of Enugu there are two schools that allow children to carry out a complete course of study, from Nursery to secondary school. The task that these educational institutions carry out is extremely important, considering the area where they arose. The social impact they are having has allowed many children to work towards a more solid perspective of their future in life. We believe that the project, given the results, has achieved its goal but it is necessary to ensure the continuity of the training operation. With your support we can guarantee the maintenance of the facility. Please Help us!
  • University Polytechnic: ENUGU METROPOLITAN POLYTECHNIC (EMP) is a university centre that has recently started the teaching sessions. There are currently three faculties: Informatics-Robotics, Medical Sciences (with a first course of study in Nursing Sciences) and Agro-biology. The Polytecnic concluded its procedural process for the opening in 2019. The prompt success of the Polytecnic is evidenced by the high level of adherence to the degree courses that it was achieved in a short time. Steadfast has participated in the realisation of this education reality and follows on, like all the projects put in place, with extreme attention and dedication.
  • Hospital: since 2015 a small hospital with 20 beds has been active in Ugwuogo Nike, offering the possibility of treatment in an area that is poorly served and easily accessible by the indigenous population. Inside the hospital there is also a pharmacy that offers a 24-hour service.
  • Mechanical Workshops: in 2015, three mechanical workshops were built in Abogazi Nike. In the previous year, 30 young people were trained in Italy as mechanical technicians to allow them to start working in these workshops. With this project, Steadfast has realised the dream of those young people by offering the possibility of building an activity that can economically support more families and with the aim of training new young people to initiate them into a professional path. Unfortunately, in February 2019, the mechanical workshops were destroyed by a terrorist attack by the Fulani shepherds. For 2022 Steadfast is planning to rebuild them and make them active again.
  • Orphanages: the Mercy & Charity Orphanage is made up of three Nigerian orphanages that house little more than 800 children. They are present in the state of Lagos, Anambra and Enugu. Steadfast, in August 2019, took over the paternity, offering help and support. In order to make its action complete, Steadfast, in partnership with Ai.Bi. and on the mandate of the CAI, has opened a new project for International Adoptions in Nigeria. From August 2021, the path foreseen by the current regulations, aimed at the international adoption, will begin with the first adopting families.

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