26 May 2020

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Venere Fiorenza, Steadfast’s member of the board:

“If the fist is closed the hand is empty, only if the hand is open you can own everything. You, who have opened your hands to donate, today have a part of the heart of Mercy’s orphanage, which in these difficult moments you are helping to survive.

We sent the first aid and when we announced it to Mamma Mercy on the phone yesterday, her reaction was indescribable. An infinite joy filled the courtyards with joyful voices, the orphanage and the children danced and sang all the time from happiness. Now they are waiting for the arrival in the next few days of your donations, so to be able to immediately buy food, water, medicine and milk for babies.

The Steadfast team thanks you from the bottom of its heart and asks you to continue to spread this campaign and support us to help our little children.

Knowing many of us think about them is fundamental to them.

Not making them feel abandoned is the best way to keep even the smallest hope of a better future alive. Thank you, thank you so much!”


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