10 May 2020

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We are happy to know Silvia Romano was released and will return to Italy today after 17 months of captivity.

Kidnapped in Kenya by local criminals, she was later transferred to Somalia where she was controlled by an Islamist group linked to Al-Shabaab.

Yesterday she was freed thanks to an operation by AISE, the Italian intelligence agency.

When a NGO worker is freed after such devastating events, there is only joy as those are experiences that will mark the whole life of those involved.

It’s true that those who work in certain contexts, like us, are aware that there’s a percentage of kidnapping risk or even death due to the sometimes extreme conditions in which they operate, but knowing that the Italian government take care and acts to protect its citizens engaged in international cooperation, is a comforting security.

We don’t know in detail the dynamics of the whole story, so we turn away from the criticisms or the reasonings made in social media, and joyfully give our welcome back to Silvia!