In recent days, we reported the sad story of a girl “commissioned” and then abandoned for a year, in Ukraine, by an Italian couple who had resorted to surrogacy, only to think again.
We had already talked about the center specialized in assisted reproduction and surrogacy based in Kiev and operational centers in the capitals of half of Europe, the BioTexCom, the same that during the 2020 lockdown had parked over 60 children born to surrogate mothers in a hotel, in waiting for the release of the client couples at international arrivals.
In these days, BioTExCom itself has launched a new GPA marketing proposal, Black Friday for couples who are waiting for an incentive to go and look for the stork laboratory outside their borders, where the laws are bent to market logic.
A baby that can be made and bought at a discount.
The company offers a 3% discount on ‘packages’, including those for the surrogate. But we must hurry: the contract must be signed between 15 and 26 November. The 3% is not a great discount, yet it can translate into almost 2 thousand euros of savings on the 64,900 price list of the “All inclusive Vip” package, which includes “unlimited attempts” for the selection of the child’s sex and a maximum waiting time 4 months (it is not said that for these amazing possibilities several embryos will be discarded and a woman will be “put to work” as a pregnant woman with survival wages).

The logic of consumption, mother and child goods with a tag. Moreover, the specialized fairs that take place in various European countries demonstrate that artificial procreation is a colossal market, even where Gpa is prohibited. It happened in Paris on 4 September with Désir d’enfant, told in these pages, on 6 and 7 November in Brussels with “Men who have children”, on 6 November in Bilbao with a seminar on surrogate for LGBT couples. A similar fair is scheduled for May 2022 in Milan. «Thus” everything becomes a commodity “, as Marx affirmed in Miseria de la Filosofia! A hungry economy that appropriates life, crossing the boundary between what is a commodity and what is not. By following clear market laws, applying marketing strategies, the human being becomes an object of consumption. It is really inadmissible! Seeing the “Black Friday” commercial proposition on the sale of human beings makes us clearly understand that there is no end to the worst! It is extremely urgent to intervene to ban this abomination internationally! We still have time to stop the new human trafficking, whoever hesitates is equally guilty! ” – declared our President, Emmanuele Di Leo.